That's right...we've got the 'secret sauce' - the most effective local search strategy available anywhere - and we've already moved several Massage Green SPA locations to #1 in Google local search for all three primary keywords - 'massage', 'facial' and 'sauna'.

You read that right...

We'll get your location to the first page of Google for the top keywords your customers use to find your services.

Breakout Local Search SEO

What is Local SEO?

Your customers are on their smartphones...right now...just around the corner.
Will they find you, or will they find your competitors?

A quick search for any product or service will demonstrate how Google is giving absolute priority to local search results, pushing the organic results down the page as they prominently display the local results map and Local 3-Pack (top three local listings).


Consider a few key statistics:
  • There are more than 3 billion searches each month that yield local results
  • About 82% of people who search for a local business will call or visit one of them
  • Implementing local SEO is at least 20 times more cost effective than traditional SEO in terms of ROI


Storefront businesses used to be able to rely on foot traffic and more traditional forms of advertising to compete locally. But as the above statistics show, nearly everyone now uses their smartphone to find local companies to do business with. Having accurate, robust and regularly updated info about your business has become a requirement to put you on the map (literally and figuratively) in Google Search, Google Mobile and Google Maps search results and the millions of apps that display them.

Even if SEO is already a priority for your business, the ranking factors for local SEO differ greatly from traditional "global" SEO, especially when it comes to link building. Fortunately, we’re the definitive experts at local SEO and we can optimize your online presence to take advantage of the increased contacts and foot traffic locally available for your product or service.

Hitting the trifecta with NAP

There are multiple factors that affect your ranking in local searches, but none more important than the three components commonly referred to as NAP.  Name, Address and Phone. While providing this information may seem a no-brainer, multiple surveys have revealed that more than half of small businesses surveyed knew they had inaccuracies in their NAP in various listings, and said they simply didn’t have the time or know-how to update it across all search engines and directories.

More than half.

That’s absolutely nuts, especially considering that one of the top negative ranking factors on Google is an incorrect or false business address.

Updating your NAP to be accurate and consistent is critical. Something as simple as a typo in your business name or address in even one of the 125+ search engines and directories we cover can poison the well for your local ranking. As far as consistency, if your business has ever changed its name (even slightly), moved or changed/added a phone number -- you are almost certainly being punished by Google for lack of consistency in your NAP. And if your NAP isn’t EXACTLY the same on your Google, Facebook, Yelp, Trip Advisor, Foursquare, etc. you are absolutely losing opportunity in the local search results.

So, what can you do to make sure your NAP is both accurate and consistent across all of the key search engines and directories?  How can you optimize your listings for maximum exposure in local search?  How do you ensure you're outperforming all competitors in local search rankings?

Simple...Let our expertise rocket you to the top of the local search results. can endlessly search the internet to check every single listing, ensuring that your information is accurate and consistent on every one of the more than 125 key sites. But like every other business owner simply you don’t have the time to do that, and if you did, you’d be crazy to spend it that way. That’s why we provide local SEO services that scour the internet to find, check and correct each and every one of the top 125 search engines and directories to make sure that your information is accurate and consistent.

And we go beyond NAP. Way beyond

Name, address and phone number is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to having robust, effective profiles for your business. Potential customers like to see more and the more information about your business found in local directories, the more of a boost to your credibility in the eyes of local search engines and the searchers who find your listings. Which is why we go well beyond NAP and wherever possible include the following info as well:

Local SEO
  • Links to your website
  • Hours of operation
  • General product and service information
  • Forms of payment accepted
  • General product/service information
  • Proximity to potential customer’s geo-located position

The more information included in local directories, the better. Not only do potential customers want to see more information regarding your business, but every additional piece gives you a slight advantage over your competitors - because we guarantee you that most of them aren’t even paying attention to local SEO.  Not yet, anyway.

So, why do other Local SEO companies charge so much more than we do?

Simple...they don't know what they're doing.  They're not going to be in a relationship with you FOR YEARS like we are, so they need to make their money up front.  That way in a couple of months when you realize they're NEVER going to make any progress for you, they already have several hundred dollars of your money.   Our local SEO absolutely works, so we know you'll stay with us forever.  You'd be crazy not to.


From managing citations to earning positive reviews, our proprietary process designed by a former member of the Google algorithm team puts your Massage Green SPA on the Google local search map at the top of page one.

Getting optimized in local search is by far the fastest, cheapest way to get massive amounts of online exposure for your business. Massage Green SPA locations only pay $100 a month...and in terms of marketing ROI, being the #1 listing on Google local when customers search 'massage', 'facial' or 'sauna' within several miles of your business is by far  the best $150 a month you'll ever spend!

We automate it all through our proprietary process, so you can focus on all those new customers instead.