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We boost local search rankings and increase leads and sales using our proprietary local listing optimization method. We also use social media marketing, search engine marketing and an improved online “presence” to give you a dominant advantage over your local competitors.


An absolute must-have service for any storefront business to be competitive online.

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The higher you rank in local search results and the more times your info is on page one, the more customers you will have calling your business and coming to your door. Today’s customer uses the local search results on Google and other search engines like past generations used the Yellow Pages. That’s why every plumber wanted to be listed as “AAAA Plumbing”…so they would appear first. The same strategy applies today, only now 82% of customers search online for your products and services and that’s where you need to be first. If you aren’t visible on page 1 and in the Google My Business map, you’ve already lost the battle with your competitors. But if you DOMINATE there, you’ll beat your competition to those buyers with ease. Google listing changes are tracked daily, and ranking progress for your primary keywords is measured monthly using our “Rankings” and “Google My Business” reports.



We understand that it’s difficult to keep up on all of your social profiles, but a strong social media presence is an essential component of a fully optimized business marketing strategy. These top social platforms connect you to your clients – current and prospective – and offer a direct channel to them where you can cultivate their interest and increase awareness about your services, promotions etc.

  • We publish new posts to your social media accounts 6 days a week
  • We publish to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Linkedin
  • We use a 3-2-1 content strategy:  3 Curated, 2 Branding and 1 Promotional
  • For Local SEO subscribers, we will also post to your Google Business Listing where we are seeing a significant increase in prospective client engagement after they conduct a local search for your products or services.


A key component of our social media services that integrates a positive social review catalyst/negative review interceptor with reputation management to ensure that your social review ratings are optimized for maximum benefit to your online reputation. Instant notifications of new reviews are sent automatically by Google, Facebook and Yelp and overall progress is measured monthly using our “Reviews & Ratings” report.

**Social Review Booster is FREE with active subscription to Local SEO + Social Media Management**

No matter the current state of your online presence, we will work with you to develop a strategy and execute it flawlessly to achieve real, measurable results.

Sign up now and we’ll help you dominate your local competition.


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